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Acoustic Wave Therapy

The Miracle Wave® HP200

The Miracle Wave® HP200 technology detects and treats Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Disorders, Injuries, and pain at its origin by utilizing sound waves to stimulate and promote the natural self-healing effects in the body. This is accomplished by delivering mechanical energy to the area, not light (laser), not thermal energy (ultrasound), or electrical stimulation (PEMF, e-stim, or tens). We are now able to detect all your Adhesions, Scar Tissue, Pain, and Trigger Points. Call (760) 422-9027 to schedule your Acoustic Wave Therapy appointment today!

aucustic wave therapy

Why Choose Acoustic Wave Therapy?

We highly recommend it for many reasons, including these Key Benefits:

  • It’s Noninvasive, without downtime
  • Significant stress reduction as a result of lowered cortisol levels
  • No medication or anesthesia involved
  • Fast and effective with minimal side effects, if at all
  • For young and elderly patients even with long sustained medical injuries and prolonged recovery
  • Less pain, larger range of motion, feel looser directly after each treatment
  • Improved blood flow and stimulation of the natural healing process
  • Increases metabolic activity
  • Increased mobility in people who have injuries in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, foot, heel, or knee

Athletes can train harder with shortened recovery times. Over 80 percent of our patients see significant improvement

This procedure takes about 10 minutes applying 800 to 4,000 pulses per treatment area. This allows you to come in, receive treatment, and resume your daily activities. There’s no limit to the benefits this can offer for pain.

Please ask us at your next visit or see us for a consultation and find out more about The Miracle Wave® and how it can benefit you as well!