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Dr. Saby Szajowitz's Testimonials

Dr. Saby helped me to get back on my board - and in full form - much faster than I ever imagined after tearing a ligament in my knee recently. His approach is progressive and effective, and I am thankful to have found him.
Tony Hawk
Pro Skateboarder

Dr. Saby is the best in his field. He is knowledgeable about my specific needs and provides excellent adjustments and therapy. I highly recommend his services to my friends and colleagues.

Junior Seau
Pro Football, San Diego Chargers

Dr Saby has kept me fine tuned over the years. I am quite impressed by Dr.
Saby’s ability to fix the problems with my body caused by CRUNCHING RUNNING BACKS on Sundays. After a couple of treatments by him and his staff I feel like a million bucks. Thanks for keeping me healthy.

Donnie Edwards
Pro Football, San Diego Chargers

It doesn't matter what's hurting you; Dr. Saby can fix it. Whether it's your hips, neck, or whatever, Dr. Saby will get you straightened out.

Drew Brees
Pro Football, New Orleans Saints

Dr. Saby performs miracles on my body. Without the help of Dr. Saby my body wouldn't last through the season. I feel like I am 100% every time I leave his office.

Kassim Osgood
Pro Football, San Diego Chargers

Dr. Saby thinks he’s a surfer, but is actually a better doctor. He treats all his patients whether athletic or not with the same type of care. It is obvious that he knows his stuff by the athletes that see him. I highly recommend Dr. Saby.

Trevor Hoffman
Pro Baseball, San Diego Padres

Dr. Saby keeps me where I need to be... whether traveling the world or just surfing right here in my back yard. I need to know that my body is going to be there for me at those crucial moments, in touch and in tune. The only way to go. Thanks Dr. Saby.

Rob Machado
Pro Surfer, Pipe Master Champion

Dr. Saby rules it. He’s helped me out so much with his tech gadgets and his experience; the laser treatment is the best. We have to bounce right back when we go down and without the help of people like Dr. Saby, it would be nearly impossible. My thanks go out to someone who has gone out of his way to make sure I was ok after I went down hard trying to loop the Baldy full pipe. I was down with a broken right ankle and a sprained left ankle. Thank you Dr. Saby. May God bless you with many years alive to help heal the Brothers and Sisters.

Bob Burnquist
Pro Skateboarder

Injuries are a very common occurance in my profession (ankles, knees, hips, elbows, etc. ). Without the continuous help and knowledge of Dr. Saby, I would not be able to do the things I love to do in my profession. Cheers Mate...
Chad Bartie (The Aussie)
Pro Skateboarder

Dr. Saby is constantly exploring new treatments to keep my body
healthy. He is the most versatile chiropractor I've met. After working with
Dr. Saby, he is the standard I compare other chiropractors to.

Miesha Mc Kelvy-Jones
Team USA 100m Hurdler

Dr. Saby has time and time again helped me recover quicker and stronger. He always makes time for me and has physically and mentally helped me get back on my board. Thank you so much.

Tara Dakides
Pro Snowboarder

Dr. Saby helped me out physically and emotionally with getting back on the asp tour. Physically, using cutting edge technology such as the laser before and after the surgery. Dr. Saby started on the rehab straight after surgery with going through and working on the motions and muscles I would need for surfing. Emotionally, just telling me stories of other athletes that he has helped get back into shape and assuring me I could be back too. Dr. Saby should be a part of every athletes training regimen.

CJ Hobgood
Pro Surfer, World Champion

Dr Saby Rocks, I hurt my MCL in early November and he got me on the
Program. I was in to see him almost twice a day. In two weeks I was riding
again and feeling really confident. I know some other people who have had the same injury and they didn't do any physical therapy. They were out for 3 months. Thanks Dr. Saby.

Dave Downing
Pro Snowboarder

Dr. Saby, thanks for keeping me loose and fit.

Mark Philippoussis
Professional Tennis Player

"I would like to thank Dr. Saby for helping me with my rehabilitation process. The new innovative techniques he used have really helped me get back on track. I cant wait for the upcoming season. Thank you Dr. Saby, you have truly been LIGHTS OUT!!!!"

Shawne Merriman

Pro Football, San Diego Chargers

"After a week with Dr Saby and "the laser" my back is feeling ready to get back in the water, after a bulged disc"

Austin Ware

Pro Surfer

I tore my achilles surfing in September, in addition to a bulged disc I had from a previous injury. My recovery time was going to be months, but doctor Saby virtually fixed me in just 3 weeks. He had me laughing the whole time and made it fun, thanks Dr Saby!

Sterling Spencer

Pro Surfer